Game-Changing Headboards

Game-Changing Headboards

Game-Changing Headboards

When it comes to bedrooms, it only makes sense that the namesake piece of furniture (aka the bed) makes a statement. Headboards are the way to do it.

Whether you’re looking to add a simple, fresh piece of furniture to your already beloved bedroom or you’re deciding to completely revamp your existing room, one thing is for certain: your bed is the focal point. Personally, I believe having a great night’s rest is tied in with the aesthetics of your room. And let’s face it. What is a bed without the proper headboard? Well, let me help you to understand just how absolutely game-changing a headboard can be in the bedroom.


The Power of Personality

Headboards are an essential home design element that should never go unnoticed. Whether you live in a decked-out, six-bedroom penthouse on the Upper East Side or a cozy studio apartment in San Francisco, a headboard has the power to effect the entire look and feel of a bedroom. It adds personality and gives a glimpse into the homeowner’s taste.


Backrest Bliss

Let us not forget another seriously crucial functionality plus. The headboard is the ultimate backrest. Who doesn’t love a plush backrest to lean up against while reading a novel, typing away on your computer, or catching up on the latest episode of The Mindy Project? I know I sure as heck do.


Visual Interest

Lastly, it takes time to find the perfect headboard for you and your home. Whether you splurge or go thrifty, it will offer you and your visitors so much visual satisfaction, and that’s a promise.


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