From the Founder: A 5-Part Series

From the Founder: A 5-Part Series

From the Founder: A 5-Part Series


Sitting one-on-one with founder and CEO Noa Santos, we learned about interior design, designers, and Homepolish in a five-part series.

There is no better way to understand something than to go straight to the source, as is said in journalistic circles. In the traditionally opaque world of interior design, we have the convenience of going right to our cofounder and CEO Noa Santos to hear about the start of the company and his vision. In a five-part series we tackled the questions below…



Why is interior design necessary?

In part one, Noa spoke about the importance of incorporating design into your life, whether you’re in your transient 20s or a well-established family person. He spoke about interior design not as a simple “one and done” experience but an evolution that happens throughout your life. (Think like your wardrobe.) A designer, then, is someone to empower people to find their style.


Good design is a dialogue. You should affect the space you’re in, and your space should then affect you. Both positively.



What is an interior designer?

In part two, we discussed the basics of what makes someone an interior designer, but more importantly, Noa pointed out what makes a Homepolish designer stand out from the rest. Not only do we hire the top talent, but we search out “people people,” who will put clients way ahead of personal ego.


With art and interior design, there is so much ego. Too frequently designers want to operate in a vacuum, executing their own vision as the client watches on the sidelines, but that’s not how good design operates.



How do you work with an interior designer?

Once people realize that they need a designer, they might not know how to best utilize their expertise. In the third post, Noa talked about how to best maximize time with a Homepolish designer as well as how to hone in on your personal taste. He also talked about the Homepolish team’s ability to match designers with like-minded clients.


We would rather re-match someone with a new designer than have a client work with one they are less than thrilled with.



How is Homepolish Changing Interior Design?

As a new startup on the interior design scene, Noa spoke about how Homepolish is revolutionizing the field as a whole in the fourth post. Whether in-person or by-video, Homepolish designers are dedicated to building relationships and making the world a better space.


Interior designers care deeply about the relationships they build with their clients… Better relationships beget better spaces.



How is Homepolish different?

In the last segment, Noa separated Homepolish from the pack of traditional interior design firms and startups out there, speaking about our dedication to customer service as well as designer services.


A finished home shouldn’t look like ‘Homepolish,’ it should look like ‘you.’


To learn more about the Homepolish process, check out our resources page.