From Country to Windy City

From Country to Windy City

From Country to Windy City


Whitney M., sales manager for a pharmaceutical company


Having recently moved to Chicago, Whitney wanted a full-home redesign but thought she only had the budget for two rooms. After Homepolish designer Guinevere Johnson stepped into the picture, she found that the possibilities were far from limited.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

Recently coming in to Chicago by way of Indiana, Whitney had yet to fully adjust to life in the Windy City. We all do it… moving from one city to another, we bring little pieces of our previous locale to our new home. Adjusting your sprawlin’, drawlin’ Texan furniture to a New York City apartment, going from city Art Deco to beach bungalow. Change is a part of life, but it doesn’t make it any easier. And for Homepolish’s Guinevere Johnson, she could see it upon walking into Whitney’s home for the first consult. Furnishings were big, bulky, and out of place for a lady who was adopting the monicker of urbanite.

The duo took the drastic step of ridding the house of almost all furniture that was in the living and dining areas. Whitney originally asked Guinevere to do those two spaces, believing that was all she had the budget for. But as time went on, they redesigned two bedrooms as well. Bright art-pop colors, loud graphics, and custom artwork brought life to the tired walls. Architectural elements were highlighted and came out of the woodworks. And as the months went by, a whole project came together that readily and proudly said, “Hello, Chicago!”


​During the initial concept, Whitney thought that she could only get a dining room and ​living room for her budget. I assured her we could do more and in the end she ALSO got a new master bedroom. The guest bedroom we treated as an added bonus.

- Guinevere Johnson, Homepolish designer
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