From Brooklyn to Long Island

From Brooklyn to Long Island

From Brooklyn to Long Island


Crystal Sinclair, Homepolish designer, and husband Ben


After 2.5 years in Bed-Stuy, Crystal and Ben Sinclair, formerly from Texas, decided that they missed their sprawling space. They moved out to suburbs for a change of pace. Tour the home with her.

Photos by Regan Wood.

My husband, Ben (a mechanical engineer), and I moved to New York from Texas about 2.5 years ago. Without knowing much of the area or how long commuting would actually take, we finally decided on a cute brownstone rental in Bed-Stuy. Fast-forward two years later, and both he and I were ready for a change. Bed-Stuy was wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but we craved space, a yard for our two pups, and a shorter (or at least more enjoyable) commute. I re-purchased a car (somewhere in the two years, my love for the subway diminished), and we started looking for a home that was closer to his work. After several weeks of looking, we came upon this little 1,600 square-foot house in Baldwin, NY. We fell in love. It’s so true what they say… you just know when you find it!


Me being a designer, I immediately started layouts and planning. Repainting the walls, removing part of the fireplace, taking out the built-in in the dining room, swapping out lighting throughout, removing all the wooden blinds for floor-to-ceiling curtains. The home was great, but we wanted to make it feel like ours, a bit more modern and edgy. An eclectic-meets-Goth-meets-artist-loft where things border on masculine but are broken with a feminine touch here and there.


We had a good amount of furniture (how we crammed it all into a Bed-Stuy apartment, I’ll never know!), so each piece needed to find its new home! We worked through each room, positioning old items and layering in new ones. The whole home has unmistakeable Texas charm too, whether it’s our most treasured possession, an authentic oil painting of Stephen F Austin (the founder of the state), or cowhide rugs (being from Texas, if I can add a cowhide anywhere).

All said and done, we’re both in love with our space! As with any design though, it’s never quite finished. It’s a process that can last a lifetime, and we’re excited to see our house change and grow with us!

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