Fresh and Feminine at Lemon Laine

Fresh and Feminine at Lemon Laine

Fresh and Feminine at Lemon Laine


Lemon Laine


Nashville-based natural beauty shop Lemon Laine was in search of a space that mirrored their newly-opened store's enthusiasm for health and wellness, so they joined forces with Homepolish designer Gracie Turner to create a space that makes customers feel as good as they look.

Photos by Caroline Sharpnack.

There’s just something about the American South that can warm up even the coldest of hearts – it’s not called “Southern charm” for nothing, after all. The too-sweet sweet tea, the endlessly generous hospitality, and the perpetually balmy weather are all good and fine, but we here at Homepolish are enraptured with the Southern way of life because of the enchanting design personality that can be found near and far, whether it’s a New Orleans bungalow or a rural, sprawling Texas farmhouse. Nashville’s Lemon Laine is no exception, thanks to the collaboration between Homepolish designer Gracie Turner and the delightfully-named, all-natural beauty shop Lemon Laine.

Seeing as Lemon Laine is a natural beauty store that promotes health and wellness as a way of life, Gracie wanted to reflect this ethos in the space and create a store that could bring a smile to anyone’s face. As Gracie says, the shop is filled to the brim with products that are good for you and make you feel good too, so it was important to craft the space in a way that put a spotlight on the products. Prior to redesign, the shop was large and sterile but had the perfect bones to add to. The aim of this project was to create spaces that would be both welcoming and informative; the world of natural beauty is a blossoming market, but not everyone knows what’s what when it comes to the benefits of manuka honey versus the advantages of tea tree oil (both work wonders, for the record).

In order to fill up the large swath of empty floor space, Gracie repurposed CB2 dining tables as showroom features that accent the myriad products Lemon Laine has in stock – showcased by color groups, no less. Not only do these displays add dimension by breaking up the space, but they also act as central hubs that allow customers to peruse the goods and learn about the products.

Lemon Laine is all about getting personal when it comes to beauty, so the founder Laura Lemon wanted to create a space where customers could sit back in delightfully adorable Serena & Lily bar stools, relax, learn a few things about the skin they live in, and formulate a customized oil elixir with the help of well-learned staff. Thus, the Oil Bar was born. As the Lemon Laine website describes it, the Oil Bar “will house a vast assortment of seed, nut and plant oils, and customers will be invited to smell, touch and experience the oils while Lemon Laine customizes formulas that will suit everyone’s unique beauty goals.”  A personalized experience surrounded by leafy greens and a super cool custom neon art piece? Pinch us, we’re in the most Instagrammable beauty-lover’s heaven there ever was.

Customers can wrap up their Lemon Laine excursion by winding down and pouring over (no pun intended) the hundreds of items. The four categories of products – Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize, and Body – each are home to a distinctly stunning custom wallpaper, crafted by amazingly creative local Nashville artists Kelly Diehl and Elizabeth Williams of New Hat Projects. Each feminine, mid-century modern design also comes equipped with CB2 shelved mirrors that will show how you glow as you try out some of the goodies. While you’re at it, would you mind grabbing a few things for us?