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Rustic furnishings, pops of color and a chalkboard wall combine to make the perfect apartment design for three friends

Making your home in an urban area means that finding a charmingly cozy apartment on a tree-lined street is a highly coveted achievement. In this case, Homepolish designer Danielle and her two roommates scored big. After a year's worth of work, Danielle was able to turn the 700-square-foot space into one of the dreamiest two-bedroom apartments we’ve ever seen.

Right away, Danielle realized the apartment desperately needed new paint throughout. A soft grey complements the combined living and dining area they use to entertain guests and chalkboard paint in the kitchen and bathroom adds a playful touch. She decided to paint the kitchen's unattractive wood cabinets white for a fresh, clean look. The color scheme is certainly in line with Danielle's Scandinavian-inspired style which shows in the furniture's clean lines and smaller accessories and artwork. A reclaimed wood dining table with red and white plastic molded Design Within Reach chairs is adorned with blue vases holding fresh flowers. Integrating technology into a space is always a challenge, but their floating Ikea credenza was the perfect base for a mounted TV. The square furniture layout perfectly separates the living and dining areas. "The biggest challenge was definitely working with a small budget," Danielle said. "It required a lot more time for sourcing and finding creative solutions, but that's what gave the place character in the end." The perfect example is Danielle's favorite piece, a vintage ironing board she bought for $40 at the flea market. It makes for the perfect bar situated in the tight space between a wall and window.

A balanced mix of mid-century and modern, artfully placed objects like stacked books, plants, photography and chalkboard drawings add life and character to Danielle's cozy apartment. Clean lines mixed with vintage touches give the space a cool vibe, perfect for entertaining or just chilling out. We'd fancy being a guest any day of the week.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Kiyoi.

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"The biggest challenge was definitely working with a small budget. It required a lot more time for sourcing and finding creative solutions, but that's what gave the place character in the end."

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