Flexing Design Muscles at ClassPass Headquarters

Flexing Design Muscles at ClassPass Headquarters

Flexing Design Muscles at ClassPass Headquarters


ClassPass, fitness membership company


As ClassPass consolidated its 150+ employees under one, 30,000 square-foot Flatiron office, Homepolish's Shelly Lynch-Sparks strengthened the space with flexible workstations and nods to brand identity.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

At the very core of ClassPass is the simple mantra, “Stay active, live happy.” Originally founded as “Classtivity” by Payal Kadakia and Sanjiv Sanghavi in 2011, the company undoubtedly ascribed to the first part of that mantra as it rapidly spread across the country. Rebranding as ClassPass in 2014, it gained even greater momentum. Based in New York, ClassPass was hiring so rapidly that they could not keep up with the pace. Employees were spread across three different offices, undecorated and brand-less. Staying afloat and maintaining growth came first; office design was a secondary concern.


But just as exercise and diet go hand in hand to maintain a healthy lifestyle, office design and employee satisfaction work together to produce a healthy company. The time had come to take the 150 employees (and counting) and consolidate them in one, 30,000 square-foot Flatiron office. The original space was barer than… a yoga studio. A complete white box space, the ClassPass head of operations and creative director looked to Homepolish’s Shelly Lynch-Sparks to flex her design acumen and build out a space fit for the active employee base.


As might be expected with a company dedicated to keeping people active, this is a far cry from cubicle-style offices. In the main work area, a variety of seating options encourage employees to stay on the move. In addition to the traditional benching, there is lounge seating, high-top tables, custom rocking chairs… heck, you could even stay a spell in the aerial swings, suspended right in the middle of the space. The sleek kitchen/café sports a variety of healthy snacks. Even conference rooms, the height of stoic business matters, feature conference tables that double as ping pong courts.


Brand voice came through color choices in everything from furnishings, upholstery, wallpaper, and finishes. The company’s signature shades of blue and turquoise pop up everywhere. Employee storage spaces are lockers, naturally. But the most unmistakeable brand moment comes right at reception with a “CLASSPASS” sign made of… that’s right. Shoelaces. Lace up, and let’s get to work.

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