Bright and Industrial Design in Boston

Bright and Industrial Design in Boston

Bright and Industrial Design in Boston


A couple and their doggy Milo


Urban and bright, this apartment is made amazing with subtle pops of color and a deference to negative space.

Photographs by Joyelle West.

Once upon a time, Mark, Peter and little French Bulldog Milo had a shiny, bright brand new apartment and grand dreams of a beautiful layout. But the trio had no idea where to start! What should they keep from the old apartment? What should they purchase to fulfill their grown-up home decor dreams? After falling asleep one night, Mark had a magical dream about a fairy decorator that came over and charged them by the hour to design their ultimate home. His name was Steven. In the morning, Mark opened his computer and typed “Homepolish” into his browser.

Fast forward a few months and Mark and Peter are living in a stunning, industrial, comfortable one bedroom. Homepolish designer Steven (he’s real) together with M & P decided the couple’s existing sofa, rug, coffee table, media console and bed could stay. With Milo, the quartet chose furnishings and accessories to work with the open layout and extant pieces; focusing on creating a warm industrial story with teal and yellow accents and lots of plants. Steven’s tips for a subtly colorful space are, “Don’t overdesign by filling every inch of real estate” and to remember that “negative space isn’t really negative – it’s filled by light, air and people moving through it. It’s not the intensity that makes a space interesting, it’s the contrast.” Wise words from a magically talented designer.

Click through the slideshow for product resources and to see Steven’s favorite part of the project (hint: it’s the plant corner).