Finding a Home Together in New York

Finding a Home Together in New York

Finding a Home Together in New York


A newlywed couple

A couple, who had been long distance (literally New York to Australia), made the leap and moved in together in a new NoLIta home, with the help of Homepolish's Louisa Roeder.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

Long distance. It’s almost like a sentence for a relationship. Having to figure out what days you can travel to see each other, when to call on the phone, how to bond despite the miles between. In New York, people joke that Brooklyn to Manhattan is long distance. But can you imagine Manhattan to… let’s say, Australia?

Well, that’s just how it was for a recent client of Homepolish’s Louisa Roeder. She lived in New York, while her future husband lived literally half a world away Down Under. Two years ago, they finally made the leap to make their world a little smaller and live together in New York. The wedding was somewhere in the middle of all that space in Jackson, Wyoming.

Initially, they lived in a different apartment, but they found one that had even greater potential in Manhattan’s bustling NoLIta neighborhood. It was an expansive 3-bedroom, but it just wasn’t at their level of taste. Quite yet. Many of the finishes seemed sterile or uncomfortable, and the bathrooms had an “80s mall vibe,” as Louisa so eloquently puts it.

Needless to say, those bathrooms were the first to go. Louisa led an entire gut renovation, switching out marble floors for porcelain tiles that resemble cement and updating the walls with white subway tile on black grout. Modern vanities completed the look. The living room, which was expansive and impersonal, got a feature wall constructed of white-washed brick. Gorgeous molding was also built in throughout the apartment. A sleek ventless fireplace was also added in. How’s THAT for warming things up?

For further warmth, so to speak, Louisa paid close attention to light fixtures. Recessed lighting went in the living room while a mercury glass chandelier casts a warm glow over the dining room. In the bedroom, an array of antlers forms another chandelier over the bed.

And lest we forget, there’s one more light fixture from Cedar & Moss in the walk-in closet. Yep. That’s right. They have a walk-in closet. Guess they have everything you could possibly want… but most importantly have each other. (Awwww.) Cue the gushy end-of-the-RomCom music.



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