Feast Your Eyes on These Dining Rooms

Feast Your Eyes on These Dining Rooms

Feast Your Eyes on These Dining Rooms


Homepolish clients with beautiful dining rooms


During the holidays, we're looking forward to gathering around the dining table with family and friends... And of course, to the eating that will follow.

Holiday time is officially here! Shopping preparations are being made, and the uber-organized have probably reserved their free-range local birds. When it comes to feast day, activity centers around two rooms: the kitchen and the dining room. (Ok ok, we’ll include the living room for those of you who are football fans.) The logical progression of the day: hours of cooking, followed by hours of feasting, and finally the requisite tryptophan-induced nap on the on the couch.


Admittedly, Thanksgiving is about the food *cough* being thankful. But we couldn’t help but peruse some of our very favorite Homepolish dining rooms and wish that perhaps, in some dream world, we could stop by these homes for the holiday. If it were up to us, these are the tables we’d be crashing in a couple days. Maybe our clients wouldn’t mind if we just stopped by? We’ll bring pie… promise!

Check out the jaw-droppingly beautiful spaces in the gallery.

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