Family Fun In Westchester, NY

Family Fun In Westchester, NY

Family Fun In Westchester, NY


Designer Nicole Fisher was able to coax this young, city-dwelling family out to the country by transforming a traditional house into a colorful, personality-filled home.

Photos by Sean Litchfield

When this young family bought their first home after relocating from New York City, they wanted to bring the modernity and fun of urban living with them to the heart of Westchester. Enter designer Nicole Fisher, who helped redesign the majority of their new house 4,000-square-foot home with her classic-with-a-twist style.

“The house has traditional bones and layout, so to me it was a blank (and beige) slate to work with,” Nicole says. “Their request was making this relatively traditional home reflect their spirited personalities and multi-cultural backgrounds, as well as making sure everything was child-friendly, so I sourced performance fabrics, soft corners, and easy to clean surfaces.”

The home’s traditional bones allowed Nicole to modernize the space through bold color and pattern rather than minimalism. To give the house a dose of playful pattern and color, each family member’s personality helped dictate the palette and how far they were willing to push the design envelope. The little girl’s room was the most daring: featuring a vibrant pink and red poppy wallpaper that had as much energy and spirit as she does. Bright, feminine and sophisticated, this is a room she can grow up in.

From bold and punchy to soft and subdued, the design of the master bedroom switches gears to neutral tones with tons of texture. Requesting that the master be a sanctuary from all of the hustle and bustle, it feels very much like a cocoon thanks to the grasscloth wallpaper that adds texture to the dramatic vaulted ceilings. A dramatic seven-foot velvet bed, metal bedside tables, a bone chandelier, and leather accents all add interest to the space without being overbearing. The use of tone on tone color greys keeps it all from feeling too visually overwhelming.

“I’m not a believer in creating spaces for the now; I’m interested in creating spaces that are timeless, especially for kids. These rooms make sense for the kids as children but will be just as welcoming to them as teenagers. I can imagine her and her friends having slumber parties on those flower poufs years from now,” Nicole says.

The common living space got enhanced as well. While sticking with durable, neutral-colored fabrics and accents in textured finishes, the living room, kitchen, office, and dining room all feel sophisticated but fully functional. Additions like the breakfast nook in the kitchen and the built-in shelving in the office still manage to feel true to the original structure. Each room was finished with fixtures in warm metallics and personal touches.

“Rather than bringing multiple colors in one room, we used shades of the same color throughout. This helped keep it modern and fresh,” Nicole explains. “I also made sure to incorporate family and travel photos that were taken by my clients throughout the house for that added personal touch.”

This mix of thoughtful artwork, punchy color, and kid-friendly but still chic décor gives this family all the room it needs to grow—while still keeping that big city style.

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