Ethereal Bohemian on the UES

Ethereal Bohemian on the UES

Ethereal Bohemian on the UES


Emily Ingebresten, International aid/development worker


Neons and neutrals in a very carefully decorated living room result in a relaxing, idiosyncratic and cool space.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

Decorating with strictly necessary furniture is a great place to start but eventually most design fans want more. Whether that’s variants in texture, color, furniture or just something that says, “Hey, I live here and have taste that I would like to show off.” Emily’s Upper East Side apartment is a great size, has tons of light and is graced with an owner that appreciates the aesthetic value of art, furniture and fashion (that’s Emily). When we matched her with our designer Evan, the two hit it off immediately. The duo focused on creating an ethereal and bohemian space with a neutral color palette interspersed with great pops of bright color. Natural elements ground the space and that amazing, eerie Peter Ruprecht photograph above the sofa is the conversation starter to end all conversation starters.

Tour the space and see what other playful and unexpected elements make this living room incredible.

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