Escaping to Williamsburg

Escaping to Williamsburg

Escaping to Williamsburg


Justin R., Marketing Director for Nylon


Justin and Mark had moved from Boston, Miami, and multiple locations in New York. Finally landing across from the Manhattan skyline, they were ready to put down roots with the help of Homepolish's Allison Petty.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Justin and Mark are easily classified as cosmopolitan. In the past couple years, they’ve run up and down the East Coast from Boston to Miami (which, despite the sun, Justin terms the “dark times”) and then to New York, first landing in Bed-Stuy. When they made the move six months ago to a 1-bedroom in Williamsburg that boasted a view of the Manhattan skyline and the East River, they finally felt like they were home. Except for one thing: the apartment felt empty. Justin works as the director of marketing for Nylon magazine, and Mark is the director of social events for the Park Hyatt New York. In Justin’s words, “We wanted the apartment to be a space that was calming, but still full of personality.”

Luckily, he remembered Homepolish’s work for the Nylon offices. Allison Petty arrived for the apartment make-over, and the three of them clicked right away (exact words, from both Allison and Justin). They started the process prior to the move across Brooklyn, choosing which furniture would come with the couple. As pieces were assembled in the apartment, their aesthetic came together: stylish yet definitively masculine. Hermès boxes and copies of Vogue Paris come together with cowhides and irreverent Jonathan Adler accessories. A thoroughly modern retreat from their work in Manhattan.


Mark and I are really particular and I was worried that I’d come across as totally crazy. That was all out the window the second I met Allison. She completely understood what we wanted in the space. We wanted to make sure that the apartment felt stylish, but still masculine. She was on board from day one and brought that vision to life.

- Justin R., Homepolish client
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