Embracing California Style in West Hollywood

Embracing California Style in West Hollywood

Embracing California Style in West Hollywood


Genna Margolis, Homepolish designer


When Homepolish's Genna Margolis and her husband moved from New York to LA, they merged the styles of two coasts in their new Hollywood condo. Here, she tours us around the space.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

In 2015, I moved from NYC to LA with my husband Jon and dog Bear. We rented a condo in the heart of West Hollywood with a distinct Spanish Colonial look that makes it every bit a California home. Bringing my East Coast style along with some furniture and art to the West Coast, I wanted to find a way to bring two styles together.


I typically lean towards a more feminine feel that Jon is definitely NOT a fan of. He likes simple and modern. I do as well, but sometimes I get caught up in buying “pretty” pieces. Jon helps to keep me from going decorator crazy and focus more on a clean yet interesting aesthetic. By combining forces – me picking out things, Jon filtering, me telling Jon who’s boss, then compromising – we created our East Coast, West Coast design.


Moving to LA has certainly been an adjustment. It’s very spread out, making it difficult to meet new people. I loved designing our apartment, because I feel like we are finally setting down our roots. Having put so much of our own taste and style into our home, I feel like we are building a life here. One great thing about Los Angeles is the space. We literally doubled our square footage. Our dog, Bear, is taking full advantage, spending time lying down on every piece of furniture or the balcony to catch some California sun. Come to think of it, I think he’s adjusting quicker than we are.

Tour the space in the gallery to see my favorite pieces.

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