Ellevest’s Very First Office

Ellevest’s Very First Office

Ellevest’s Very First Office


Ellevest, investment platform for women


For Ellevest, an investment platform focused in on empowering women, Homepolish designed their first-ever physical office space. It was the least we could do, since we're their downstairs neighbors.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Homepolish always prides itself for being a startup that loves to work with startups. Taking the steps as a young company to design a considered workspace is a sign that you’re looking to the future and also looking out for the well-being of your employees. And in the early days, the functionality of your workspace can make or break the company itself.


So you can imagine our excitement when we were able to share our passion for design with Ellevest, a investment startup focused on empowering women that was looking to design their first offices. Why were we extra stoked? Well, Ellevest happens to be directly 3 floors up from our NYC Headquarters. Like, in the same building. We put our designer Nina Isabella on the job.


The biggest challenge with the space was it’s multi-functional nature. On one hand, as a business it needed break-out spaces and workstations, but as a networking program, it needed open space for crowds. Luckily, custom desks had been left behind from the previous tenant. Nina focused on the meeting areas and tying the space together with a style that reflected the brand. Now, from the reception to the small nicknacks on the custom built-in shelving, it all says Ellevest. We suppose that makes us pretty good neighbors.

Check out the whole space in the gallery.


This is Ellevest’s first office and they’re sharing it with Ellevate, a community of professional women. They wanted help creating a space that worked for both companies and their individual work styles and needs.

- Nina Isabella, Homepolish designer
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