Eight Essentials for the Harvest Table

Eight Essentials for the Harvest Table

Eight Essentials for the Harvest Table


Orlando and his lucky Thanksgiving guests


West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria was setting the Thanksgiving table long before he could even have his first glass of wine. We asked him to give us some tips for the holiday table.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Every year, I’m forced against my will to decorate the Thanksgiving table. As a kid, I loved doing it. But when I got older and everyone EXPECTED me to do it I’d be like “WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS???” Now I’ve kind of settled into enjoying it again, as a way of taking a break from all the catching up and drinking and eating too much cheese before dinner. (Side note: do you ever wonder WHY Thanksgiving dinner happens so early? In my family we eat any time between 2-4. Which is, like, ridiculously early. What are you supposed to do the rest of the day? JUST SIT THERE FEELING GUILTY ABOUT WHAT A PIG YOU ARE?)

Anyway, I love arranging all my mother’s old table linens (that we’ve had forever) and finding little accents to make the table look beautiful and considered. It’s a time to meditate on what I’m thankful for and plan what I’m going to say when we go around the table sharing our thanks (I’m usually the annoying one that forces this on everyone else). This year, I had the opportunity to experiment with creating a table setting for an autumnal feast in my own home. My condo is modern and bright, so I didn’t want anything too traditional. The following are tips I discovered in composing my own holiday tablescape. Take them with a grain of salt, the same way you’d take a big ol’ pile of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day.

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