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Handmade stools, sourced antiques, animal hide rugs and hints of nautica make this apartment fascinating.

The best home tours are often those with very specific themes - minimal, monochromatic - because they’re easier to digest and speak to amazing self control but the reality is, most people collect and build over the years as their tastes evolve. For Homepolish designer Evan, this trait is 100% a perk, not a problem. “I can’t define my style because I liked everything,” he says. “I’ve realized over the years that all the pieces I collect go together in one way or another, it’s just about making the room flow. I trust myself and am not afraid of mixing elements.” One look at his fantastic 1BR in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and you’ll agree.

A nautical feeling greets you upon entering his space with grey and white striped walls, a cheerful rug and massive circular mirror you swear must have been extracted from a submarine instead of purchased from Wayfair. Spin around and you'll find the first evidence of his love for fossils and taxidermy—antlers next to branches holding feathers in glass bulbs surround a typewriter sitting on a vintage nesting table and chair. Step into the living area and you’ll find a comprehensive mix of old and new, neons and neutrals—and the incredible gallery wall. Scattered in-between the photos are the cross-stitched table numbers his wife made for their wedding, Fredericks & Mae arrows, a vintage Pantone print and a taxidermied pheasant. Toss in a sleek yellow and grey floor lamp from Blue Dot, and Evan's vision becomes clearer—part eclectic vintage, part creative modern with just a touch of traditional to hold it all together.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

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