Drool-Worthy Desks

Drool-Worthy Desks

Drool-Worthy Desks


In our constantly plugged in, digital world, we all need a functional and beautiful desk to ground our home office space. Homepolish's Lindsay Saccullo gives her picks.

“Deskorating” is one of my favorite sports. In fact, I have an obsession with creating a workspace in almost all of the spaces I design. Because, let’s be honest, we all w.e.r.k. from home a little more than we’d like to. In this day and age of that thing called the world wide web, we’re constantly plugged in. Whether we like it or not, the need for a desk in your home is here to stay. So why not make it an absolutely drool-worthy space with these affordable options?



Radford Adjustable Desk


Forster Writing Desk


Chapman Desk


First up on my list is the Radford Adjustable Desk. This dude does double-duty as a desk and coffee table. How you might ask? It’s that adjustable part. You can bring the unit up to sitting level or down to the ground. Hey, if you like sitting on the floor while doing computer work, there’s that option too. All the possibilities makes this desk… dare I say it, rad?

The Forster Writing Desk is classy and classic, a take on the campaign style. Finished in a dark wood with brass accents, it can work in nearly any home décor style, being both rustic from the wood grain but somewhat glam from the metallic pop. With such wide-range appeal, I say Forster for Prez!

The Chapman Desk is another class act. The sleek lacquer makes nerding out in your desk thoroughly chic. Pair this desk with white walls and gold accessories, and it’ll become the little black dress, cough desk, you’ll never tire of.

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