Dreaming of Laguna Beach

Dreaming of Laguna Beach

Dreaming of Laguna Beach




Picking up and moving cross-country from New York to Laguna Beach, a young city-slicker asked Homepolish to reimagine her Art Deco urban style for California coastal living.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt

Moving from the Big City to the West Coast might feel like an about-face. Swapping out bagels and pizza for oranges and fish tacos. Subways and taxis for convertibles and beach cruisers. People can seem noticeably different. The cities’ layouts and characters are markedly distinct. And the weather? As a New Yorker might say, “Fugettaboutit!” (For you West Coasters, that’s forget-about-it.) When Alexis set out to move from her West Village apartment to Laguna Beach, she said goodbye to the crown molding and Art Deco décor of the city and hello to a breezy SoCal bungalow overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a change in design that was just as jarring as the geographical shift.

To bridge her tastes while still maintaining the laid-back Cali vibe, Alexis called up her friend and Homepolish designer Casey DeBois. Casey designed the previous city loft, and she seemed to be the natural choice for translating Alexis’s aesthetic for a new coast. Leaving the urban chic behind, they adopted the surfer attitude of her new locale: bamboo, sisal rugs, bright colors. It all makes for a fresh, bright start on the Golden Coast.


Moving is always a personal thing. The cultures on each coast are so different. I’ve lived and worked on both coasts, and I find that people tend to take on qualities of their environment.

- Casey DeBois, Homepolish designer
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