Double Trouble: Two Manhattan Nurseries

Double Trouble: Two Manhattan Nurseries

Double Trouble: Two Manhattan Nurseries


Liz and Verena, working moms

Liz and Verena are the closest of friends, both having babies within a couple months of each other. When Liz had Megan Hopp design her nursery, it only made sense that Verena soon followed suit.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

Have you ever had a best friend who is so close that the two of you almost become indistinguishable? You start to have the same diet, the same sense of style, the same experiences, the same sense of humor. Liz and Verena, two busy Manhattanite ladies, might fit the bill of that type of dynamic duo. Both are about the same age, and both own apartments with their husbands, with Liz on the Upper West Side and Verena down in Gramercy. When Liz found out she was pregnant with her first baby boy, it only took another three months before Verena found out that she was also pregnant. Surprise! Another baby boy. It only makes sense that when Liz hired Homepolish’s Megan Hopp to handle her nursery conversion that Verena would follow suit and do the same.


Kalahari Vignettes Wallpaper


Overdyed Naima Rug in Emerald

from $398.00
Land of Nod

White Campaign Dresser


First up was Liz. Since this was Liz’s firstborn and Megan hasn’t had kids yet either, it was a crash course in designing for children. Initial inspiration came from a pair of giraffe sculptures Liz’s husband Eric had picked up on his travels. Playing off of this, a black-and-white wallpaper is a safari of animals with elephants, gazelles, exotic birds, and naturally, more giraffes roaming on the scene. Stuffed animals in every corner of the room only make the adventure all the more real. But these adorable accents don’t take away from the sophistication. Muted furnishings and a saturated rug that looks like it came right off the boat from Morocco would make any adult happy to spend time in this nursery.



Megan is freaking amazing. The girl can do no wrong. When she sat down at my dining table for our initial consult, she said, ‘I know exactly who you are design-wise from this piece of furniture.’ She was right.

- Liz, Homepolish client

Glastonbury Stripe Wallpaper

West Elm

Metal Framed Mirror

Land of Nod

Andersen 6-Drawer Dresser


Next came Verena. Liz recommended Megan as soon as her nursery was all wrapped up. Megan was quick to note, “Although these ladies are close and have much in common, I wanted to make sure that their spaces didn’t in anyway copy one another.” After all, everyone has their own unique style. Going for a more minimalist Scandinavian design, they first layered in striped wallpaper as a base and added furnishings in white and reclaimed wood. For a touch of whimsy (and maybe recalling Liz’s nursery), baby animal portraits were added to the wall, a lucky find from a street fair around the corner. We can already imagine the joint playdates coming up.

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We have been living in this apartment for five years. I was pregnant and we needed to convert the guest room into a nursery… and then I saw Liz’s space. An hour later, I emailed Megan.

- Verena, Homepolish client


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