Designing with Rustic Modern Farmhouse Décor

Designing with Rustic Modern Farmhouse Décor

Designing with Rustic Modern Farmhouse Décor

Who ever said being raised in a barn was a bad thing? These five tried-and-true tips will help you craft the rustic, industrial modern farmhouse of your dreams... even if you don't live on the range.

We at Homepolish (and the rest of the interior design world, for that matter) can’t help but fall for the perfect marriage of cozy warmth and effortless grace found in rustic industrial and modern farmhouse décor. When the fast-paced world we live in gets to be too much to handle, turning your home into a homey oasis of farmhouse comfort doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. These five tried-and-true tips will help you build the down-home house of your dreams.


1. Neutral Color Palette

One big difference between the modern farmhouse and the old-school version is the use of color. While in the past you might’ve seen a home dominated by dark shades of brown, green, red, and yellow that could easily conceal dusty cowboy boot footprints, the new era of rustic-chic farmhouse is defined by its cool, calm, and collected color scheme. We recommend going for elegantly muted tones. Colors like bright whites, soft creams, comforting cognac, and gray should be at the heart of your home. The clean-cut background will make richer colors stand out if you decide to add some more dimension.


2. Natural Materials

One way to add an unexpected air of cool to your home is through the materials that you use. This is the time to decide if your aesthetic leans more toward the quaint cottage style or more rustic and farm-like. Surfaces like white weathered wood and lived-in linen will add charm while brick and steel will bring an edge. Shiplap paired with copper hardware always ups the level of sophistication, too. And you can always go with a touch of tile in your home, whether it be Spanish-style hand-painted or glossy subway plates.


3. Embrace high ceilings

We’ve been throwing around the term “house” a lot, but not all of us who dig the farmhouse look have an actual house to decorate. Instead, we’re stuck with the strangely-shaped rooms, bare white walls, and low ceilings that are typical of urban areas. An important factor of the farmhouse look is an excess of flooding light, and having high ceilings is ideal. However, if you find yourself sans lofty heights, you’ve gotta fake it. Ditch the shades and shutters that came with the place and install some soft-colored curtains as close as you can to the ceiling or paint your ceiling a slightly lighter color than your walls to make your space as inviting and angelic as the pearly gates themselves.


4. Mismatched Furnishings

All the brightness and whiteness can feel a bit cold and impersonal at times, no? We aren’t exactly fans of bric-a-brac décor, but adding some mismatched pieces to your home adds a degree of personality and charm. That said, make sure make sure everything goes together well enough to look like a cohesive unit. A tan leather sofa matched with a cowhide accent chair would fit this aesthetic more than hot pink velvet pouf or a lucite coffee table. If you follow the basic guidelines we walked you through earlier, you should be good to go.


5. Curated vignettes or accessories and art

Last but not least, a house isn’t truly a home until it shows signs of actual HUMANS inhabiting it. Add a touch of rustic homeyness with personal accents… a hand-carved cutout of your home state, a photo wall with pictures of you and your loved ones, your favorite album covers, or the antlers of the first deer you bagged (if you’re into that sort of thing). All these things bring warmth and welcome others into your home. Sure, it can be nice to have a space that looks like it belongs in a magazine, but life isn’t always full of picture-perfect moments. Your weird, funny sentimental times deserve a spot on your walls too.



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