Designer Selects: Tina Rich

Designer Selects: Tina Rich

Designer Selects: Tina Rich


Tina Rich, Homepolish designer


Homepolish designer Tina Rich describes her aesthetic as eclectic sophistication. Read all about her life in design and how she curated and designed her collection of goods for the Marketplace.

Congratulations, Tina! You’re Homepolish Marketplace’s first-ever designer-curator. Before we dive into the collection, can you tell us a bit about your design background?

“I’ve always been fueled by a love of design ever since I was a child, but I didn’t realize it could be a living until I was older. While in college, I was lucky enough to figure out that I could take something that was always a passion of mine and turn it into a career. After graduating from Florida State University with a Master’s in Interior Design, I moved to New York to start my career. After working for Jonathan Adler for 3 years on the design and construction of their retail stores, I decided it was time to venture out on my own, working for Homepolish. It’s been three years and I couldn’t be happier with where I am and how far I’ve come!”

Tina Rich

White Ceramic Planter

Tina Rich

Cromwell Ceramics + Tina Rich Mini Ceramic Wallhanging

Tina Rich

Cromwell Ceramics + Tina Rich Black Ceramic Wallhanging


Over that time, how did your aesthetic develop and how would you describe it now?

“I’m a modern, bohemian at heart! I gravitate towards pieces that are natural, handmade, and/or crafted in other countries. However, I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, so I like things that are simple and sleek. I guess you could say it’s an eclectic sophistication. A perfect example are the ceramic pieces… they have that beautiful naturalistic look of stoneware and yet their clean-cut geometry lends a refined touch. I think all of the Homepolish Marketplace items I’ve chosen strike the perfect balance that I’m constantly trying to achieve when designing a space.

Tina Rich

Hmong Pillow

from $85.00
Tina Rich

Camel Leather Pillow

from $115.00
Archive New York

Black & White Antigua Pillow

from $165.00

So when would you say you went from being a designer to a maker as well?

“To be honest, I still don’t consider myself a maker. I’m a designer through and through! I have way too many ideas to try and execute them, not to mention, I also just don’t have the patience to make things myself. I prefer to leave it to the pros and work closely with other amazingly talented makers to bring my designs and ideas to life. This also allows me to learn about the techniques and processes used in a wider range of fields (from pottery, pillows and textile design, furniture) than if I stuck within my own expertise.”

Solo Rugs

Moroccan, Hand-Knotted Area Rug – 5′ 10″ x 8′ 10″

Indigo & Lavender

Jessika Wool Pom Pom Blanket

from $165.00
Indigo & Lavender

Paris French Market Basket


How would you describe this particular collection you’ve put together for Homepolish Marketplace?

“I love anything natural and neutral, BUT I also can’t stay away from color! I chose items made of natural materials (wood, leather, stoneware, wool) and handmade items (such as the spotted gourd and French market basket). I added a touch of color by choosing a several pieces with dusty pastels (from art pieces to that to-die-for hand-knotted Moroccan rug… swoon) and a couple of black pieces for some edge. If you didn’t know matte black is very on-trend for the year. As a designer, I couldn’t help choosing items that would work well in a room together. Honestly, I want this vibe to be MY ROOM!!”


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