Designer Picks: The Best Sources for Wallpaper

Designer Picks: The Best Sources for Wallpaper

Designer Picks: The Best Sources for Wallpaper

When it comes to design, few things can be as artful and statement-making as a well-appointed wallpaper. Nassau County-based Homepolish designer Crystal Sinclair shares her favorite places to get pieces that might as well be murals.

Design by Megan Hopp, photos by Sean Litchfield and Nick Glimenakis.

When you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall designing or redesigning your home, perhaps it’s time to give new life to your very own walls. Now, we know that it’s pretty standard to opt for a new coat of paint, but we’re going to throw something out there: wallpaper. Don’t balk! Wallpaper has come a long way since the retro patterns and colors of the 70s. In fact, many companies make pieces that might as well be art. Homepolish designer Crystal Sinclair shares her top favorites below.


1. Schumacher

sold through independent stores; fschumacher.com

Schumacher is a go-to for designers everywhere. Its collection of wallpapers run the gamut from eclectic to elegant and from moody to modern. Ditch the bare white walls and add some ikat or mobilize a mosaic pattern to add a dynamic energy to your home. If you can’t find what you were looking for, check out our recent article for a lil’ how-to on sprucing up your walls.


2. Pierre Frey

979 3rd Ave., 212-421-0534; pierrefrey.com

Originally starting in textiles and fabrics, Pierre Frey brings the same amount of artisanal attention to detail to their wall coverings. It’s tasteful, clean, and elegant. Probably makes sense for a brand coming to us from France. The patterns range from minimal grays with almost no distinctive texture to lush toiles, sometimes with a modern twist such as circus themes.


3. Phillip Jeffries

979 3rd Ave., 212-755-6555; phillipjeffries.com

Specializing in grasscloth and natural weaves, Phillip Jeffries is definitely on the sophisticated end of the scale when it comes to wall coverings. The muted colors and understated patterns also reflect that. Nothing too loud or over-the-top. It simply imparts a sense of serenity.


4. Milton & King

sold through independent stores; miltonandking.com

Milton & King likes to think of walls as “blank canvases, full of potential.” And what potential they deliver! Carrying about a dozen different brands, the patterns can go from strictly straight-edge geometrics to lush damasks and botanical themes. And though they’re based in the UK, they have no shortage of love for New York, having designed a cartoon paper just for the city.


5. Harlequin

979 3rd Ave., 800-395-8760; harlequin.uk.com

Another UK-based company, Harlequin claims to be the master of “flamboyant statement wallpaper…” and honestly, we’ve got to agree. The wallpapers are pieces of art in their own rights, adding color, dimension, and so much visual interest to any space.


6. Flavor Paper

216 Pacific St., Brooklyn, 718-422-0230; flavorpaper.com

When it comes to wallpaper in New York, almost no one can beat Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper. Creating many custom murals in addition to their collections, the founder Jon Sherman is a visionary when it comes to walls. Chances are, if you’ve lived in the city for a spell, you’ve seen his work, whether it’s in the Wythe Hotel or the TriBeCa Steve Madden boutique. And you don’t have to be a big time company to get a custom work… that said, you’ll probably find something you like, whether its fishnet patterned or woodgrain.


7. Timorous Beasties

sold through independent stores; timorousbeasties.com

Featured in museums such as New York’s Cooper-Hewitt and London’s Victoria & Albert, this company is nothing to sneeze at. They are best known for their riff on the classic Toile de Jouy fabrics dating to Napoleonic France, but their repertoire spans much more.


Want more wallpaper inspo? Check out our wallpaper roundup. And if you’re ready for some design help, book a designer!

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