Designer Picks: Best Design Accessories Stores in NYC

Designer Picks: Best Design Accessories Stores in NYC

Designer Picks: Best Design Accessories Stores in NYC


Homepolish designer Delia Kenza shares her favorite New York City spots where you’re able to find treasures both old and new, classic meets contemporary, that will make any space instantly feel like home.

Because living in the modern world can more often than not be exhausting and unforgiving, we’re always on the lookout for people, places, and things that bring us a sense of calm. Sometimes pairing nostalgia and old-world charm with your already ultra-sleek and uber-streamlined lifestyle is the key to warming up our well-weathered city-dweller hearts, and there’s no better way to do that than through the design accessories you add to your home. Homepolish designer Delia Kenza shares her top New York City spots to shop for these items.


1. ABC Carpet & Home

888 Broadway, 212-473-3000; abchome.com

Okay, we admit that ABC Home & Carpet is not *exactly* a secret in the design world, but there’s no talking about interior design shopping in New York without mentioning the behemoth six-story designer mecca in lower Manhattan. Brennen’s grandmother surrounded herself with beauty, whether it was an emerald green silk sofa or timeless porcelain dishes, so the designer knows the importance of luxury and variety. And that’s exactly where ABC comes in. The store offers a plethora of styles, from traditional to transitional, and they even have more esoteric items like artisan incense if you feel like getting your cleansing on after a long day of shopping.


2. Beam

240 Kent Ave., Williamsburg, 646-450-1469; beambk.com

Another shop that caters to those mix-and-match, high-and-low desires you have is Beam. Kenza draws inspiration from her husband with his constant need to create and push the boundaries of his imagination, and Beam is the place that can challenge your notions of what interior design is or should be. With awe-inspiring, artful, architectural pieces like the ones at Beam, you’ll be amazed to see how art and design can come together.


3. MoMA Design Store

multiple locations; store.moma.org

If you’re feeling the ~artsy~ vibe and want some more, what better place to go than the design shop of one of New York City’s famed museums? Like us at Homepolish HQ, Kenza knows that style is not static and should evolve with modern times. The MoMA Design Store is practically heaven for fans of modern art. Show off your artistic side with extravagantly colorful lighting, fun and functional décor, furniture literally designed by artists, and prints that can transform any space. If you can’t make it to the city, check out our collab with the MoMA Design Store to test the waters.


4. Colony Co-op

324 Canal St., 2nd Floor, 212-334-3808; goodcolony.com

Patterns and colors and prints, oh my! If the saturated shades are getting to be a bit too much for you, head downtown to Chinatown’s Colony Co-op to take a breather. In its own words, Colony is “a community of independent furniture, lighting, textiles, and objects designers coming together on a New York City stage to celebrate American design with an international audience.” Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it gets better. In addition to the principled philosophy behind the store, it also houses some ridiculously cool, imaginative work that comes in almost exclusively muted, natural tones.


Looking for a design expert to help you curate your accessories? Hire a Homepolish designer! And while you’re at it, check out Homepolish designer Marissa Bero‘s guide to NYC antiquing.