Designer Picks: Artisanal Accessories Stores in NYC

Designer Picks: Artisanal Accessories Stores in NYC

Designer Picks: Artisanal Accessories Stores in NYC


Antique, vintage, and artisan pieces help any space tell a story. Homepolish designer Ross Cooper shares his five favorite New York spots for interesting, individualist interior design.

Sleek, clean, and bright… interior design trends like those of the Scandinavian and minimalist variety, while ever-so-stylish, can oftentimes feel cold and impersonal. Even if everything in a home was hand-crafted and blessed by an aura-reader, they don’t necessarily have a story. That’s where antique, vintage, and artisan pieces come in. Homepolish designer Ross Cooper, who takes pride in his thoughtful and artful interiors, shares his five favorite NYC spots for interesting, individualist interior design below.


1. 1stdibs

200 Lexington Ave., 646-293-6633; 1stdibs.com/info/nydc

Simply put, there’s no better place to hunt for works of art than 1stdibs. Although 1stdibs is mostly recognized for its treasure-trove of a website, the store is truly a hidden New York City gem. The items certainly don’t come cheap (although we guess some consider a $60,000 bar cart a steal?), you get what you pay for. You’ll find amazing pieces that hail from the era of Napoleon III and fine art and photography created by the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson and even Picasso himself. 1stdibs houses thousands of pieces that have stood the test of time (coup d’etats, world wars, black markets, you name it) and thus Cooper turns to them, as he considers timelessness a critical factor of interior design.


2. ABC Carpet & Home

888 Broadway, 212-473-3000; abchome.com

You don’t necessarily need world-famous Western artists and designers to make a piece interesting. In fact, works with enigmatic backgrounds can be the most intriguing. ABC Home & Carpet is considered by many the place to go if you’re in search of intricate, eclectic vintage items that have an Eastern flair. In addition to its world-renowned collection of rugs of Turkish and Moroccan origin, ABC has a plethora of decorative objects like Durga deities and dyed sweetgrass platters that are handcrafted in India and Rwanda, respectively. There are plenty of traditional items that fit contemporary and traditional tastes as well.


3. Flair

88 Grand St., 212-274-1750; flairhomecollection.com

Let’s not discount recent history here! Mid-century modern and art deco more than earn their spots in the interior design hall of fame. SoHo’s Flair is a must-see (and must-shop) destination if you like to kick back at home with a cigarette and an old fashioned to pretend that you’re Don Draper (sans the terrible personality, of course). With sculptural furniture décor both vintage and contemporary, you’ll undoubtedly find a surplus of items that match your personal style.


4. Jung Lee

25 W. 29th St., 212-257-5655; jungleeny.com

Once you’ve nailed down the foundation, you have to show off your excellent taste and design eye. What better way to do just that than by hosting an extravagant dinner party? Jung Lee is a no-brainer if you find yourself in need of dinnerware that doesn’t include Solo cups and mismatched plates. With affordable finds that range from flatware to fossilized wood bookends, Jung Lee will give you any and every item that will transform your home into a presentable space that belongs in a magazine.


5. The Future Perfect

55 Great Jones St., 212-473-2500; thefutureperfect.com

While we all appreciate history, some of us are more progressive than nostalgic. Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t pulling a Midnight in Paris… we just think that sometimes the best moments in history are the ones that we have yet to create. Even antique aficionado Cooper reconfigured his room regularly as a child, knowing that sometimes design has to evolve with the designer. The Future Perfect is, as the name suggests, a perfect place to look for pieces that will work in the modern age and in the future. The pieces are beautifully streamlined yet incredibly functional, which allows them to effortlessly blend into the atmosphere of your home and provide the perfect setting for creating memories.


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