Grace Bonney


Office Area



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45 hours

Talking Points

Multipurpose meeting space, craft area and cupcake lounge.

Blogosphere darling Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge has a new office! Needing an area for crafts and DIY projects but not knowing quite how to rearrange her Greenpoint loft space, Grace reached out to Homepolish for a little direction. Sometimes even the industry’s best need help seeing the big picture.

Homepolish designer Amanda Gorski's solution was to give this room-within-a-room an eye-popping statement wall, more storage and a versatile surface area for working, crafting and photo shooting. Her goal was to make the place feel like a kitchen—as in, get messy because it’s easy to clean! Previously existing as hardly more than a storage corner, this section of the Design*Sponge office is now ultra welcoming—an appropriate attribute for an area that's now nice enough to host team lunch, guests and crafty brainstorming sessions. Not all DIYs end happily ever after though... Hear about Grace's worst crafting situation in our interview here (it involves melty acrylic).

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

client testimonial

"Instead of the terrifying heap of craft supplies and maze of boxes and equipment, we now have a clean (and beautiful) space to work, craft and have team meetings."

—Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge

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