Dannijo’s Cofounder Gets Her Dream Nursery

Dannijo’s Cofounder Gets Her Dream Nursery

Dannijo’s Cofounder Gets Her Dream Nursery


Jodie Snyder Morel, cofounder and President of Dannijo; Greg; and baby Margaux


Jodie and her husband wanted Margaux's nursery to feel light, airy, soft and cloud-like.

Photographs by Claire Esparros for Homepolish.

The go-to jewelry brand of cool girls everywhere, Dannijo is a tastemaker that we are extra excited to work with. The sisters, Danielle and Jodie, live in the same building on different floors so designing with them was a fun exploration of similarities and contrast in space and style. We started with the guest room that Jodie wanted to transform into baby Margaux’s new nursery and, well, it might be the cutest place we’ve ever seen.

With Homepolish cofounder and CEO Noa, the space went from being a beige extra bedroom to a soft, luxurious space for newborn Margaux to grow up with and in. Noa wanted to steer away from dousing the space in color and instead focused on infusing the space with texture and richness. Except for the hints of pink in an adorable toy sheep and some beautiful paintings by Jenna Snyder Phillips, the nursery is an all white, cloud-like room. Wouldn’t mind waking up here every morning!

Read our interview with Jodie too! We talk jewelry, babies and inspiration (ie all the good stuff).

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