Creating Connectivity at Hinge NYC

Creating Connectivity at Hinge NYC

Creating Connectivity at Hinge NYC


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For a company that specializes in connecting people, it was essential to design an office that encouraged community. Homepolish's Tina Apostolou brought just that to Hinge NYC.

Chances are if you’re familiar with the modern dating scene, you’ve been on a dating app. And while Tinder may be the most widely-used, there is a competitor that has a reputation. As the saying goes, “Tinder is for hook-ups; Hinge is for relationships,” and this is right in keeping with founder Justin McLeod’s goals.


Now, if you told him at the company’s start that Hinge would have a 2-floor Flatiron District office, he probably wouldn’t have believed you. In 2011 when he launched the idea, he was crashing on the floor of a friend’s apartment, and by the following year, he had a 1-man desk in a shared workspace. Fast-forward through a company revamp and you see the team taking over the floor above their offices to make room for communal spaces. Homepolish’s Tina Apostolou handled the redesign.

Having formerly been a gym, the original floor was broken into several small rooms. Extensive demolition left only three break-out conference rooms for private meetings and the rest of the space is wide open. Tina also built out a kitchen (because what employee doesn’t love a well-stocked snack area?). Most walls were covered in white IdeaPaint, so employees can sketch out thoughts for the group. Homey touches such as benches upholstered in Mexican blankets makes it welcoming. While the bottom floor has the standard desks, this new floor is all about making connections… Which is kinda what the whole company is all about.