Creating Community at Common Kingston

Creating Community at Common Kingston

Creating Community at Common Kingston


Common Kingston, residential development


In the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, Homepolish's Elisa Shankle crafted unique community spaces for each floor of the Common Kingston community.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

It’s not an uncommon complaint in New York… as one of the most densely populated urban areas in the United States, the five boroughs have a surprisingly low sense of community. Most people live in apartments, stacked up on top of each other, and yet, they rarely know (much less talk) to their neighbors. Maybe that’s why people point at New Yorkers and claim that they’re unfriendly.


Enter Common, a membership-based, co-living residential development that now has locations in the major metropolitan areas of Brooklyn, D.C., and San Francisco. For their latest project, Common Kingston, in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood, the company hired Homepolish designer Elisa Shankle to design an essential element of the building: the communal living spaces (aka “Shared Spaces”) and kitchens for each floor.


As Elisa says, the spaces are imagined for members to “lounge, work, and be inspired.” Common wanted each floor to be unique but still have a thread that tied the five floors together. Moving from lounge to lounge, there is an undoubtable similarity in textures and calming colors, but the furnishings are each unique. And those kitchens? Stellar. So much for a lack of community.

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We loved the experience of working with Elisa and Homepolish as the feature designer for our home, Common Kingston. It was an excellent opportunity to bring in a different design perspective to create beautiful and unique spaces.

- Sophie Wilkinson, Head of Design and Construction at Common
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