Creating a Welcoming Entryway

Creating a Welcoming Entryway

Creating a Welcoming Entryway


Step on in to Homepolish's finest entryways and get inspired to spruce up your own. After all, scarf season is right around the corner.

No matter how large or small your home is, everyone needs to feel welcome as soon as they step into their space. Your entryway should be a tidy place to drop your keys, shoes, and daily belongings in an organized fashion, so when you leave the next day, everything is right where it should be. Real talk: your entryway is probably similar to mine with random jackets on the floor, a pile of muddy shoes, and random papers and mail. Let’s talk about how to make these spaces more than a “mudroom,” and more of an expression of your home. After all, winter guests are a-comin’, and we know they’ll be judging.



Make It Werk

No matter the size of your space, carve out a place for some order when you walk in the door. Many people don’t take the time to plan out the functionality of their entryway, but learning how to maximize an entryway will save you a lot of headache down the road. With just a sliver of a wall in this Venice Beach bungalow, Homepolish designer Haley Weidenbaum maximized the space by designing vertically. In a matter of feet, she managed to fit a mirror, wall hooks, a stool, and a bench. Oh look, there’s even a shelf for keys!



(Don’t) Throw it on the ground

Another important element for any entryway is a place to drop your belongings and a place to sit, if you can fit it. A bench can serve both purposes, if you accessorize with a catch-all tray. It’s so much nicer to sit on a bench, take off your shoes and layers, and have a moment to unwind. And let’s face it, you can always stash a basket below for storage. Or pile some interiors magazines underneath, because that’s totally logical too.


Storage, baskets, and hooks… OH MY!

You have got to have some organization to your entryway or it will never work. You know how the phrase goes… “A place for everything and everything in its place.” (TBH, I didn’t know how this entire phase went. I Googled it.) Look for baskets, boxes, and bins to get the mess off the floor into organized compartments. If you can’t find storage options that fit in your space, opt for hooks. The Eames hang-it-all rack has been a longtime favorite simply because you can hang about 12 different items on one device with less than two feet.



Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Every entryway should have a mirror. It’s that final check before you go out the door where you say, “Yes! I got all the grime off my face and my hair looks presentable enough to show the world AND I don’t have a poppyseed stuck in my teeth from that bagel!” In general, mirrors are important in design too, because they can make a space feel larger. Even if it’s a tiny, little entryway.



Personalize it

Last but not least, personalize your entryway (just as you should with any space in your home). Let’s face it, you’re a lot more likely to use the space if it’s something you enjoy looking at. Entryway spaces are great for bold design like this kooky wallpaper. In a larger room this design idea could cost a small fortune, but in an entryway, you have a low-budget statement room.

For more entryway ideas (specifically for those of you with kiddos), check out our roundup of entryway inspiration.

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