Creating a Co-Working Space in SoHo

Creating a Co-Working Space in SoHo

Creating a Co-Working Space in SoHo


Palm Drive, venture capital company


Venture capital companies Palm Drive and Huayuan Group were looking to redesign a SoHo loft space into a co-working office. Homepolish made "Lair East" into a reality.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Looking up venture capital firms, you’ll find a litany of surnames scrunched together or vague monikers that don’t seem to make a lot of sense. And that might just be the case for venture capital company Palm Drive… if you didn’t know their history. With the founders graduating from Stanford and their main investments lying in tech startups, it only made sense to choose a name that had a connection to the Bay Area and its booming tech world. They decided on the name “Palm Drive,” after Stanford’s main promenade. And coincidentally, it was this Stanford connection that led the company to Homepolish. (Our cofounder Noa Santos is also an alum.)


Palm Drive Capital, along with partner Huayuan Group, was planning a co-working space called Lair East in an industrial, hundred year-old loft space in SoHo. Originally, the office was an empty white shell, with little in terms of decoration save for a slanted tin ceiling. Homepolish’s Megan Grehl came in to completely overhaul the space.


But they were pressed for time. The entire renovation had to be completed in a matter of two months. Not to mention, lofty goals such as a poured concrete floors or an additional mezzanine level were scrapped because of the building infrastructure. Megan worked around this to create a beautiful space that emphasizes the distinctly New York architecture. Glass and steel partitions separate the conference spaces while accentuating the slanted ceiling. A reception bar of reclaimed wood and metal reflects the Brooklyn makers culture. And Asian art is layered throughout, a subtle nod to the office’s name.


Since the clients invest in tech startups, they wanted to connect back to the startup culture of California, but also connect to New York’s local design scene.

- Megan Grehl, Homepolish designer
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