Creating a Classic Look in a Boston Home

Creating a Classic Look in a Boston Home

Creating a Classic Look in a Boston Home


A young professional couple


Though a Bostonian home by Homepolish's Steven Santosuosso may look traditional, it's filled with treasures and furnishings that span the globe.

Photos by Joyelle West.

Walking into the latest project by Homepolish’s Steven Santosuosso, one would note the gorgeous molding on the built-in shelving units, the clean and coherent color scheme, and classic furnishings. But as with much of design, this Boston home is all about the details. Upon closer inspection of the individual pieces, you find that this space is a far cry from traditional.


The clients were a young newlywed couple, in their late twenties. Having lived in the space since fall of 2015, they specifically wanted a co-creative, someone to direct their aesthetic but not completely take the reins. Steven began with the foundation, restoring details to the home that highlighted its New England history. Custom millwork in the living room and kitchen created that molding, and walls were painted in a warm gray or charcoal. Weathered carpeting was ripped out to expose the original hardwood floors, refinished and polished in a dark stain to contrast with the sun-drenched neutrals.


Then came the truly astounding work on the furnishings. With such a cohesive look, one might assume that they all came from the same high-end store. That assumption only shows how masterful Steven’s curation was. In the formal dining area, a 17th Century Ming Dynasty table works perfectly with a credenza that was crafted 300 years later and halfway across the globe. It’s a 1960s Danish design. The sofa in the living room is a classic Belgian design but it goes hand-in-hand with the custom brass and quartzite coffee table. The client’s personal favorite? A commissioned statue of a bear, sourced from California by an artist who works closely with Pixar and Dreamworks. It’s like they have the world under one roof.


Steven was a great match for us, because he was very very quick to take any feedback from me and translate it into what I was looking for. If what he presented wasn’t what I initially wanted, he would listen to why and turn around with the perfect solution.

- Homepolish client
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