Easy DIYs to Upgrade Your Holiday Décor

Easy DIYs to Upgrade Your Holiday Décor

Easy DIYs to Upgrade Your Holiday Décor


Partnering with Kaufmann Mercantile and The Meatball Shop, we've made the cutest holiday crafts that will make your place look holiday ready (but with minimal effort).

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Hey, we know the holidays are complicated, stressful, and kind of insane. Especially if you’re hosting! In retrospect, you’ll hopefully think, “That was totally worth it to hang out with everyone, and the break from work was really nice,” but in the moment, your brain might want to explode. Never fear! In partnership with Kaufmann Mercantile and The Meatball Shop, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest, chillest, nicest-looking holiday crafts that will instantly make your place look like a pro took care of the details. It can be as easy as adding greenery to your bookshelves or mantel (if you have one of those). See below for the craftable ideas, and click through the slideshow for the deets.

1. Simple Name Holders

Craft simple place card holders for parties using toothpicks and seasonal fruit. Write the names of your guests on parchment paper, fasten to toothpicks and puncture the fruit. So easy! To replicate the look, use Kaufmann Mercantile’s flavored birch wood toothpicks.


2. Easy Centerpieces

Take existing julep cups or old trophies and create a memorable centerpiece. For succulents and small plants, layer floral foam in the bottom of the cup, cover with live moss, and arrange the plants on top as if flowing over. For taller flowers and plants, pot like usual, layering soil, and cover the top with moss. We used Kaufmann’s pewter julep cups.

3. Seasonal Napkin Rings

Roll linen napkins tightly and tie together with seasonal plant clippings. Here, we used cinnamon sticks and evergreen twigs, but these little flourishes can be changed depending on the occasion/holiday. For this little craft, we used Kaufmann Mercantile’s Crown Butcher’s twine or red & white baker’s twine and Belgian linen and cotton napkins.


4. Mantle Swag

Use moss to create a base of greenery and then place candles across the entire mantle to create little pockets of light. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The more randomly placed, the more natural it looks. Then use symmetrical Paperwhite flowers to anchor the mantle and draw the eye up. Moss can be purchased at most floral shops!


5. Wintry Tea Lights

Fill mason jars or beautiful glasses with water, add cranberries, seasonal plant clippings, and a tea-light candle to create a moody centerpiece. Run as many as you like down the center of the table for a warm ambiance. To replicate the look, use Kaufmann Mercantile’s Le Parfait canning and storage jars.

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