Crafting Your Own Pinecone Wreath

Crafting Your Own Pinecone Wreath

Crafting Your Own Pinecone Wreath


Coniferous Fiends


This week, we've been following West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria around as he decorates his home (aka Orcondo) for the season. Next up: a nontraditional but decidedly festive wreath.

Wanna know a true story about me? I grew up in the woods and my bedroom was on the top floor of our house. There was a giant pine tree above our house, so every once in a while, as I lay in my bed, slumbering peacefully, a loud thud would come from the roof. Was it Santa?! Nope. It was just a bunch of stupid pinecones falling from the 100 foot-tall pine tree right above my bedroom. I imagined walking through the front yard one day with one coming down on me. And it was terrifying. THANKS FOR NOTHING, PINE TREE.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve conquered my crippling fear of death-by-pinecone. (Side note: our neighbor used to rake the front yard wearing a bike helmet because she was scared of the being hit by one. I wasn’t the only one who lived in fear.) My parents moved out of my childhood home, and they are safe from murder of the evergreen variety. So now, I am free to enjoy pinecones like every other good American.

To celebrate my newfound love, I decided to make a pinecone wreath this year. It’s one of the simpler DIY’s I’ve done, and it adds a layer of sophistication to my holiday decor that makes me feel way richer than I actually am. Plus, I figured out a way to install it to engage the wall above the fireplace, which adds height and glamour to my seasonal decor.

Follow the easy steps in the gallery to create your own pinecone wreath. And please, beware falling pinecones!