Crafting a Family-Friendly, Boho Beach Haven in LA

Crafting a Family-Friendly, Boho Beach Haven in LA

Crafting a Family-Friendly, Boho Beach Haven in LA


Krista T


Homepolish designer Rosa Beltran made sure Krista T’s young family of five felt comfortable and cool in their Spanish Colonial, and opted for an easy-to-care-for eclectic design.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

When faced with the task of designing a family home that is merely steps away from a Los Angeles beach’s warm sand, white sunshine, and crashing Pacific waves, Homepolish designer Rosa Beltran knew she had to bring her A-game.

Besides the dreamy locale, the house itself is a charming Spanish Mediterranean style structure originally built in 1933. Since the stunner didn’t need any remodeling, Rosa was able to commit all of her attention to designing the perfect worldly, bohemian space for client Krista T’s young family of five.

The family was starting almost from scratch after sloughing off their former furniture, which had bravely withstood years of post-college and post-baby life. In it’s place, Rosa sourced items that spoke to the traveler’s lifestyle (and sporty pedigree) of the family. They spent years traveling when pops was a pro soccer player.

“They appreciate a global vibe, and it’s certainly my preference in design as well,” Rosa shared.

But the preference isn’t just pretty: a layered and worldly design stands up to wear-and-tear modern minimalism can’t hide.

Take the living room rug. When choosing an option, Rosa needed to find a material that was both soft enough for a baby bottoms, but tough enough to withstand the less cute (see: messy) kid-lifestyle. A kilim rug layered over a jute rug proves to be the perfect compromise and provides and extra layer of patina.

“The dining table has a zinc top that will just look better the more worn-in and aged it becomes,” Rosa describes. “The custom sectional, made locally from Clad Home, is a nice, light neutral fabric called ‘Key Largo’ that is actually super durable and forgiving with spots and stains. The coffee table has a wood lower shelf for storage, but a soft upholstered top that’s great for the baby and toddler stages.”

Other additions like cute cubbies that can subtly hide away sandy shoes,  a surplus of storage space, a shibori-inspired ottoman, and pillows aplenty provide a cozy backdrop for the three childrens’ (all of whom are under five years old) formative moments.

That said, family-focused was equally as important as family-friendly; personal touches like the gallery wall that overflows with photos of memories both old and new alike infuse the space with a stylishly lived-in vibe. In fact, the large center photo features the homeowner’s grandfather proudly displaying a massive lobster that he caught in the very same Manhattan Beach, only seventy years earlier. 

To mirror the home’s beachy yet affluent Manhattan Beach neighborhood, Rosa went full-force with eclectic, layered materials and patterns that highlighted their wanderlust. The home already had strong Spanish and Moorish accents due to its architecture, so Rosa ran with the theme by incorporating bold black iron hardware all throughout the home.

For larger pieces, Rosa headed East (mentally, at least) for inspiration. Bone-inlaid Moroccan drum side tables, Ikat accents that are a nod to ancient Indonesian and Indian practices, and a patterned rug inspired by Pakistani tradition all pay homage to the family’s well-traveled life in the chicest way possible.

Rosa explains that the key to keeping the mix cohesive is balancing the bold with more subtle patterns.

“I’m always mindful of mixing large-scale patterns with smaller, busier patterns because too many prints that are similar in scale can compete with each other,” Rosa explains. “Likewise, when mixing many fabrics you want colors that complement each other obviously. Steer away from shades that are so similar that they might look unintentionally mismatched. Blue and orange, which we use a lot of in this living room, are opposites on the color wheel so they are very complementary.”

View additional photos and sourcing in the gallery below and read more about the design on MyDomaine.

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