A Hollywood Couple’s Bold & Bright 3BR

A Hollywood Couple’s Bold & Bright 3BR

A Hollywood Couple’s Bold & Bright 3BR


Jaime Ray Newman, an actress and Guy Nattiv, a writer/director


Finding the missing pieces for their new bigger home.

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt.

Jaime (an actress), Guy (a writer/director) and Kiwi (their dog) had recently upgraded from a two bedroom condo to a three bedroom single family home and had big design aspirations. Keeping their furniture from the old place meant that the new bedroom and most of one of the living rooms (yep, there are two) were already well furnished when the couple was matched with our designer Haley. Jaime had a to-do list (accessories, window treatments and a few select large pieces) and impeccable taste so she and Haley worked together to keep things bold, unique and statement-making. In Jaime’s own words, “I bought a condo five years ago and decided, ‘Okay it’s time for some grown up furniture.’ What started out as a desire to warm up my new place turned into a full on obsession. If I could only tell you how many hours of my life have been spent on the Apartment Therapy and Homepolish websites!”

Oftentimes our clients know what they like but want a professional’s assurance that they’re making the right design decisions. Haley’s second opinion and resource knowledge resulted in a carefully curated and inviting home. Her tips for a cozy and charming space are to pick a style direction and include pieces that carry sentimental value so that the room is truly yours, comforting and welcoming.


Haley is relentless at finding the perfect thing – exactly what I have in my mind – and I’m not easy! She has impeccable taste. We were very lucky to be paired with her.

- Jaime Ray Newman, Actress