Cool for a Pair of NYC Creatives

Cool for a Pair of NYC Creatives

Cool for a Pair of NYC Creatives


For two young creative professionals, Homepolish designer Jesse Turek crafted a sleek, original space where the couple can comfortably (and stylishly) kick back.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

Creativity comes in many formats—whether it’s an innovative line of code, a heart-strings-tugging ad campaign, or an expertly-curated apartment cloaked in shades of cool. Homepolish designer Jesse Turek’s imaginative inclinations are geared towards the latter, so he was happy to help a young couple craft an NYC space as modern and original as they are. A full-kitchen reno and many decor decisions later, the apartment provides them the perfect respite after a long day coming up with brilliant ideas.

“The clients wanted a sanctuary to come home to at the end of the day,” the designer tells us.  “They wanted creativity and functionality mixed with layered materials and textures.”

The home needed to be a neutral, elegant backdrop, and Jesse channeled the vibe perfectly in the stunning, but far from stark, kitchen.

“The kitchen is modern, clean, spacious, and functional,” says Jesse. “I was inspired by the clients desire for a practical kitchen with a clever dining solution within the space and a modern streamlined aesthetic.”

Jesse’s dream was for a straightforward space didn’t necessarily mean a straightforward process. His solution was to start from scratch, polling his clients about exactly how they’d use the space and coming up with clever configurations along the way.

“I disliked that the cabinets did not extend to the ceiling, so I changed that also,” he explains. “To create the spacious atmosphere, I reconfigured the kitchen to be a continuation of the living room so that each space flows into the other. I situated the built-in marble waterfall dining table to cascade into the main living room, giving the illusion of an expansive space. I also removed the soffit above the old counter area so that the kitchen and living room feel like the same room. I purposefully designed the kitchen cabinets and island to look like furniture, since it’s right off the living room.”

Next up, Jesse focused on finding the perfect materials for each purpose.

“The client expressed how she did most of cooking preparation on the perimeter counters of the kitchen, so since these would get the most use, I chose a quartz counter since it’s super durable, won’t stain, and can hold up to hot pots and pans,” says Jesse.

The backsplash proved to be the toughest challenge.

“The backsplash was the trickiest because the client wanted classic and timeless but chic and dramatic,” Jesse explains. “I chose a chevron pattern backsplash with textured ridges. The grout is a dark gray which matches the color of the island and creates a graphic look against the white tile. This brought the entire kitchen together and made the clients very happy.”

The clients are big fans of hosting friends and guests—wouldn’t you if your kitchen was this stunning?—so the house needed to flow for entertaining all over.

To craft a living room that’s just as covetable, Jesse let the Snoopy-inspired artwork serve as the focal point.

“The living room is subtle, understated, and monochromatic, but one of their prized possessions is the artwork above the sofa, so I wanted the art to pop in the space and be very present,” says Jesse.

For Jesse, the living room was part of the kitchen and vice versa.

“I chose the monochromatic gray tones in the living room as it mimics the aesthetic of the kitchen,” he explains. “I thought of the kitchen and living room as one space—a living room with a dining table almost in the center. This is also why there’s no hardware on the kitchen cabinets. The hardware would have created a very busy look taking away from the open-flowing sensibility.”

Down the hallway, things are far from neutral. The clients asked Jesse to shape their former guest room into something more akin to a dramatic den. Jesse decided to run with it.

“The clients wanted a moody room with cozy seating to curl up and read, and they both love blue so why not a dark blue room?” he explains. “We wanted just a touch of glitz and drama, and brass pops beautifully against the blue-on-blue concept in the den. Brass also is a nice contrast with the white marble throughout the spaces.”

The room serves as a welcome contrast to the home’s zen palette and gets an extra injection of attitude by being fully swathed in the same shade from walls to ceiling. The client’s artwork shines, including that signed piece by Jay-Z, who would surely approve of the vibes.

While the glitz and deep tone are heavy on drama, they also make the small space feel more, well spacious. And Jesse utilized another inventive trick to give the illusion of a statelier library.

“I wanted to include custom built-ins to give the illusion that the space is larger with higher ceilings,” says Jesse. “The cabinets provide a cocooned space between the sofa, which adds to the cozy, warm atmosphere.”

Creative and cozy, what more could you want?

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