A Cool, Calm and Cobalt Bedroom

A Cool, Calm and Cobalt Bedroom

A Cool, Calm and Cobalt Bedroom


Maria, film producer


Soothing, deep and unusual, we can't get enough of Maria's lovely blue bedroom.

Movie producer Maria wanted more than a room for sleeping – what she really needed was a cooling place to decompress at the end of the day. When she reached out to Homepolish, her paired designer Vanessa had the perfect solution—paint it blue! One color selection was all it took and the duo was sold. A deep oceanic cobalt, the walls are on the darker side of the spectrum but not light draining. Rosewood side tables, white highlights, a cream bed and brassy furnishing details really pop against the color, the contrast creating the right visual mood for closing your eyes and just relaxing. Rounding out the comforting vibe and making the room ultra personal, Vanessa took some of Maria’s own photography, making black and white prints to hang around the space. Click through the slideshow for some colorful inspiration for your own home.

Photos by Bethany Nauert.


Maria wanted something dark but not gray so I suggested a deep blue. We only tried one color—she loved it!

- Vanessa, Homepolish designer