Cool and Coastal Décor for Summer

Cool and Coastal Décor for Summer

Cool and Coastal Décor for Summer

Balmy nights by the sea, acoustic guitar out on the deck, an umbrella-topped drink in hand... Our tips for cool, comfortable, coastal home décor is the only thing missing to complete the summer scene.

Summer is here and the living is easy. With the warm summer breeze and a tropical drink on hand, we can almost feel like life is on a continual Jack Johnson music video loop, and we’re seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. But who says that once the season ends you have to go back to the doldrums? Our tips for cool, comfortable, coastal home décor will keep that vibe going long after Labor Day.


1. Color Palette

Science says the color white can make you feel cleansed, earth tones can make you feel warmth, and blues can make you feel calm, so what better palette to use for the foundation of your serene escape from the city? We’re not one to argue with science anyway. By incorporating differing shades of bright whites, tawny tans, and deep blues into your furniture and décor, you can give your home the feel of a dreamy wooden boat (sans the hard work of sailing said boat, of course).


2. Natural Materials

If you’re not a fan of venturing into actual nature (hello, sunburns and mosquitos), you can bring the outdoors in with some natural materials that give your home a down-to-earth vibe. Pieces like neutral natural fiber rugs, luxuriously large linen sofas, elegant wooden surfaces, hand-crafted wicker chairs, and even a touch of (ethically-sourced) bone or fur will transform your home into an al fresco nirvana… but with the addition of Beyonce bumpin’ on the Bluetooth.


3. Plant life

Natural materials not doing enough for you? There’s no better way to make your home a (refined) organic environment than to add some living, “breathing” accents to your home. Enter the houseplant. Houseplants not only bring an undeniable energy to a space, they also say to your family and friends “yes, I am responsible enough to take care of this living thing.” We have an undying love for fig, banana, and rubber trees, but it would be nothing short of irresponsible to advise plants of the succulent variation for plant-parent newbies. Minimal effort and maximum chicness? Yes, please. If you’re still doubting your ability to keep a plant alive, you can always opt for faux. (Your secret is safe with us.)


4. Tech-free lifestyle

We don’t know about you, but we get a little tired of tech sometimes. Endless days spent squinting at computers or scrolling into the Instagram abyss can pull us out of the IRL world and away from the things that really matter. A coastal escape should be an escape; we recommend forgoing all tech in the home, save for the essentials like your Keurig. Add in entertainment that either brings people together or brings peace of mind to get away from the daily doldrums. Pool tables, bar carts, and ever-necessary extra-large bookcases are just a few of many ways to replace the void that your TV left behind.


5. Beach accessories

And no home is complete without a couple accessories to tie it all together. But as with any theme, don’t go overboard (pun intended). With beach accessories, opt for a couple fun nods to your seaside abode… nautical knots, small boats, shells, driftwood. A little can go a long way.


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