Cooking Up a Family-Style Kitchen

Cooking Up a Family-Style Kitchen

Cooking Up a Family-Style Kitchen




Anyone who loves to entertain knows how essential it is to have a beautiful kitchen. Homepolish's Jill Cordner renovated an old 1920s space to make it the perfect place for a young San Francisco family.

Photos by Miha Matei.

Looking back on first moving into this 1920s San Francisco home, the client is frank, saying, “Like all Bay Area houses, you can’t get everything you want.” But at Homepolish, we don’t exactly agree with the Rolling Stones-esque mantra. Who says you can’t get what you want? After living three years in the home, they finally got to tackle the major areas that needed some work: the kitchen and bathroom.


Having followed Homepolish online, they immediately knew who to go to. Designer Jill Cordner arrived on the scene, finding a narrow and dark space. A built-in banquette went unused most of the time and made the space feel unnecessarily long, and the kitchen was awkwardly separated from the dining area. Since the couple loves to entertain, this sort of space simply wasn’t going to do any longer. Not to mention, they had a baby on the way, and they wanted to create a more welcoming, familial gathering place.

Now, with the due date approaching, they had all of 5.5 weeks to pull off a reconfiguration and remodeling of the space. Cabinets were rearranged to make space for a new peninsula, complete with barstools. The breakfast nook was removed to make room for a wine fridge. Most importantly, they removed the wall dividing the kitchen and dining areas, joining the two into a sun-washed, convivial place. In the end, they even had time for a bathroom redesign as well.


Jill has very good instincts. For example, the colors she chose were perfect in every room. She was very willing to take all my inputs and changes and work them in, but she also knew how to steer me when I wanted something that wouldn’t have looked good.

- Anonymous, Homepolish client

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