Combining Tastes with Homepolish

Combining Tastes with Homepolish

Combining Tastes with Homepolish


One of the biggest milestones for couples is moving in together. Homepolish helps bridge two people's styles flawlessly, creating a combined aesthetic and a new home.

Let’s face it: relationships are by no means easy. Sure, we have plenty of honeymoon moments full of chocolates, flowers, red wine, and cuddles by the fireplace, but there are also the flip-side stress points. The “define the relationship” talk early on in the life of the couple. Meeting the friends… and figuring out if the new significant other vibes with your pals. Meeting the PARENTS! (Hopefully, it goes better than Ben Stiller’s speedo-clad blunder.)

But at Homepolish, we think one of the greatest clinch-pin moments of a relationship (and a great milestone) is that moment of truth: moving in together. Living together in the same space has the ability to bring out all of the annoying habits of your loved one… leaving the toilet seat up, not cleaning up after themselves, leaving their shoes in the middle of the entryway. However, it also brings those intimate moments of making breakfast together, helping each other pick out clothes for work, falling asleep to the news on the sofa. It also affords one of the biggest joys of relationships: being able to design a life together, both literally and figuratively. It can be a struggle to bridge the tastes of two people, but with the help of a Homepolish designer, you can find a middle ground and create a home that reflects your joint life as a couple. See some of our favorite examples below…



For a couple hailing from Ireland and California (who also make frequent trips to South America and Africa), Homepolish designer Ashlie Broderic took their varied history and wealth of worldly treasures and combined them into a cozy New York 1-bedroom. From Finnish furnishings, Indonesian textiles, and Guatemalan wood block prints, it’s like they have the world under one roof.



Across the river in Brooklyn, a couple had a design conundrum: he ascribed to the clean and white rules of minimalism while she loved color and pizzazz. Homepolish’s Jenny Kaplan took their Cobble Hill apartment and combined their styles effortlessly. She even convined them to go with a loud, sunny wallpaper in the kitchen… hubby came around to the idea after installation.



Also in Brooklyn, Homepolish designer Will Saks faced the exact same problem in a Bed-Stuy 1-bedroom. This time, the roles were reversed with the gal taking the part of the minimalist while the guy sided with the warm vibes of rustic eccentricity. (She didn’t realize he had such strong design opinions until they moved in together!) Will took their white box of an apartment and gave it a unique personality.



We promise we’re not obsessed with Brooklyn couples! (Ok… maybe a little.) This is our last Brooklyn project we’ll mention in this piece. This adorable 1-bedroom in Williamsburg was completed by Homepolish’s Becky Shea. Taking the industrial bones of the space, she infused touches of craft and modernism throughout. The laid back and relaxed vibe is the perfect reflection of the couple who live there.



See? New York City isn’t the only place with good couple’s style. Right across the river in New Jersey, a brand new couple needed help taking their apartment from college drab to mature and fab. Homepolish designer Sarah Finkelstein showed them the ins and outs of the design world and helped them graduate their style into the grown-up world.



In San Francisco, a couple took the initiative by signing on with Homepolish’s Nicole Newkirk before they even moved into their new Pacific Heights apartment. It was their first home together, and they knew that bringing in a designer would be just the way to transform the space and elevate both of their styles. Modern pieces such as Ghost chairs and a sleek leather sofa are softened with rustic pieces like a reclaimed wooden table and sheepskin throws. It’s all about balance.



Not so far in Oakland, Homepolish designer Savannah Metcalf and her equally talented graphic designer husband Sean moved into a brand new loft. They had 1,200 square-feet to play with. With so much creativity under one roof, it’s no wonder that the space looks so gorgeous.


Know a couple that’s soon to be wed? Check out our Homepolish registry, and give the gift of design to the happy couple!

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