Moving in and Combining Tastes with Homepolish

Moving in and Combining Tastes with Homepolish

Moving in and Combining Tastes with Homepolish

One of the biggest milestones for couples is moving in together. Here's how to bridge styles and create a cohesive combined aesthetic. (Hint: Homepolish can help).

There are a lot of compatibility factors to consider when finding the perfect mate. It’s hard enough to find the perfect partner. It’s darn near impossible to find one with your exact interiors aesthetic.

So when it comes time to move in with your significant other, the challenge can be, well, significant. When blending styles it helps to have a mediator—and Homepolish is here to help. We looked back at some of the tips and tricks our designers have employed as they helped couples come to a consensus in their spaces.

Designer: Andrea Jaramillo
Photo by: Christian Torres

Build a strong foundation

Homepolish designer Andrea Jaramillo worked with this couple to help harmonize their distinctive styles within their new 1,000-square-foot, post-war Clinton Hill condo. To start, she made sure there was a clear goal in mind. Here it was establishing a contemporary vibe, punctuated (and not overloaded) with eclectic, bohemian touches. Once the backdrop met their requirements, adding on the fun—instead of getting overloaded with at the beginning was easy. For example, clean-lined kitchen meant the pair could go a bit wilder outdoors.

“To pull it all together, we had to play with balance,” Andrea explains. “Nothing too stark and modern was added to the space without complementing it with warm tones or textures.”

Designer:Savannah Grace Roberts
Photos by Julia Robbs

Commit to what you want

When our Homepolish designer Savannah Metcalf and her equally talented graphic designer husband Sean moved into a brand new loft in Oakland. They had 1,200 square-feet to play with, but they didn’t rush to fill it. Savannah worked to select pieces that were worthy of their grown-up space, whether they took time to get or not, including a custom sectional that helps make the sprawling space. Here, Savannah pushed on back on her husband’s impatience.

“Men…,” she remarked.

Designer: Liz Lipkin
Photos by Christian Torres

Fill your space with happy memories

Designer Liz Lipkin layered a plethora of personal touches into this couple’s Gowanus townhouse. From a chic spot to listen to records, to skis announcing their wedded bliss, there’s no mistaking that this home doesn’t belong to the both of them.

“Sam, the ram that’s mounted above the fireplace, is a piece that Brad inherited from his grandfather, while the shotskis are from their wedding in Jackson Hole,” Liz said. “Jess was hesitant to bring out the commemorative shotskis from the Wyoming wedding because she was shy about displaying something so private, but I insisted that they be featured and celebrated. The end result is nothing short of perfectly personal.”

Adapt to your surroundings

Just because you’ve been together for years doesn’t mean you’ve nailed your style as a unit. Designer Kelly Martin helped a Los Angelese couple with kids find their stylistic sweet spot—and the sweet spot that worked for where they were blending.

The family has had their sprawling, open, Cape Cod-style home since 2015, but their dominantly Mid-Century Modern decor wasn’t fitting in with warm, relaxed feeling of the space.

“They wanted to find a way to blend the two styles but still keep it appropriate for the architectural style of their new home,” recounts Kelly. “So they found Homepolish and we made it happen. [She] has really high-end and sophisticated taste, but [he] wanted more practical pieces so I had to find a way to marry the two things. They were really great at determining what items were worth splurging on and where they could cut back on spending.”

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