Combining Styles in Brooklyn

Combining Styles in Brooklyn

Combining Styles in Brooklyn


Christine Amorose, lifestyle blogger for C'est Christine, and David, marketing director


How do you combine clean minimalism with rustic eccentricity? For a couple in the Bed-Stuy area, designer Will Saks bridged their aesthetics for a cozy 1-bedroom apartment.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Whether it’s roommates, family members, or new couples, meshing the styles of two people is no easy task. After dating for over two years, blogger Christine Amorose and her boyfriend David, who works as a marketing director, were ready to take the next step and move in together in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood. They found a cozy 1-bedroom, complete with the urban exposed brick, and they set about combining their existing pieces and searching out some new accents.


Getting started was a bit harder than expected. As Christine says, “I was surprised what strong design opinions my boyfriend had, like his love of exposed filament lighting!” When they delved into it, they realized that she was the minimalist at heart who appreciated pops of color, but David was more of a rustic eccentric, who appreciates worn leather and wooden accents. They turned to Homepolish’s Will Saks to figure out how to make sense of the seemingly opposing design philosophies.


Will was able to bring in design pieces that surprised both Christine and David. For example, Christine would have never picked out a cowhide rug, but she admits that it “adds extra texture to the room and makes it look less sterile.” A modern sputnik chandelier hangs in the dining area, decidedly modern, but even David likes it. Will even went above and beyond with what Christine jokingly calls the “random requests.” “David wanted an office chair that he could crack his back on (such a weird thing to explain!) and also had a ‘manly’ look,” she says. Will managed to solve that conundrum too.


Will did a great job of merging our styles together to create a space that we both love living in: it reflects both of our aesthetics really nicely without feeling overpowering in either direction.

- Christine Amorose, blogger
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