Colorful and Pattern-Happy in Boston

Colorful and Pattern-Happy in Boston

Colorful and Pattern-Happy in Boston


Fran T., Retired school teacher and Party Gram-er!


Palm Springs glam meets New England charm in this fun client's eclectic, pattern-friendly home.

Photographs by Joyelle West.

So before Instagram there was something called a telegram and somewhere between the two of these was the Party Gram: a dancing, singing person that would come to your door dressed in character (Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, belly dancer, etc). When she wasn’t teaching kids, our client Francine was sending these festive Grams around the greater Boston area. We heard this and were like… “You’re amazing. And your home must be so fun!” While she did have some quirky pieces like these two sofas and the funny John Lennon lemon head painting, she wanted our help to bring it all together. We matched her with our designer Mary Flo and the two hit it off immediately.

Fran wanted to bring some fabulous Palm Springs elements into her New England condo so she and Mary Flo used, “a holistic design approach to create a space that combines her love of both coasts.”

Check out the awesomely weird 70s space in the slideshow!

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