Color Me Happy

Color Me Happy

For this Homepolish client, a Swedish-born lawyer, color has never been a close friend. Her design interest was all clean everything (tres Scandinavian). She loved mid-century Danish pieces and understated colors, but she yearned for an apartment with more vibrancy and personality. That’s where Homepolish and Casey came into play.

Using a beautiful palette of soft grays and whites as a base, Homepolish furnished the apartment with minimal color (simple yellow touches), clean modern furniture, and a few mid-century accents to give the space some history and approachability. Finally, Casey hung a beautiful modern painting above the sofa, accentuating the yellow color by echoing the same hue in the accent pillows and accessories. The result was something both the designer and client were excited about. “It’s the perfect amount of color,” says Casey, “It’s just restrained enough that it looks simple and elegant, but then there are a few pops here and there that give a taste of the client’s personality!”


Subtle colors are an easy way to introduce warmth into a space without taking a big risk. In this case, the solution was simple and elegant.

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