Chatting Design with Whitney Port

Chatting Design with Whitney Port

Chatting Design with Whitney Port


Whitney Port, designer of Whitney Eve.


After Homepolish and West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria came in to revamp Whitney Port's Los Angeles screening room, we caught up with the fashion designer and former star of The Hills.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Homepolish seems to have a thing for The Hills. First Lo Bosworth, and now you!
“Actually, I found Homepolish independently from Lo. When I was considering redesigning our screening room/den, I was looking through Instagram to find a couple make-overs. I really liked how Homepolish’s account not only looked enviable, but showed that anyone can create a beautiful space. And then, by chance, my now brother-in-law knew someone at Homepolish.”

So it was meant to be! What first spurred on your want to redesign the space?
“Tim and I had lived in the house for 3 years, and that space had always been very random. It was a mishmash of his furniture and mine… a couch from my old apartment, chairs from his old space. And this wasn’t just any room in the house! This is where people enter into our home! We needed to make it brighter and more welcoming.”

That’s right! You and Tim [Rosenman] were just married last November! How does this room reflect both of your tastes?
“Tim and I have lived together for some time, but we still have widely varying tastes when it comes to our home design. I am definitely true to my Cali roots, but Tim is a born and raised New Yorker. The brightness of the space, not to mention the aqua color choice is totally my California beachy style, but the clean, neutral furniture is more Tim. On the gallery wall, it’s another mishmash. The photos, especially the New York streetscapes, are Tim’s choices, but the more abstract art was from me.”

So if you could choose a favorite part of that wall, what would it be?
“We have the original print of our save-the-date from our wedding on the wall. It’s a print by artist Teil Duncan. Also, even though it’s not on the gallery wall, the ocean photo above the credenza really sets the tone for the whole room.”

What are your other favorite parts of the redesign?
“The rug is an absolute love. You barely notice it now, but this room has a cement floor. The rug makes for an awesome foundation and it also makes the room cozier. I’ve also always wanted cream chairs. The shape is modern and clean, but they’re still comfortable. Orlando also inspired the aqua color scheme which lightened the previous industrial vibe. We originally thought about wallpaper, but because of the high ceilings, paint was a better option.”

When it came to the inspiration behind the space, what did you draw from?
“The clear California aesthetic pulled from my fashion line Whitney Eve. I also shared my Pinterest board “Home Is Wherever I’m with You” with Orlando.”

That’s a cute name! Any other quirky details of the redesign?
“Not much! It’s just funny that it used to be a crash pad. Timmy’s friends used to just sleep or crash in there when they visited. But now, the space is just too nice to have anyone sleeping on the couch!”

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