Casey DeBois’s Fun & Sophisticated Apartment Design

Casey DeBois’s Fun & Sophisticated Apartment Design

Casey DeBois’s Fun & Sophisticated Apartment Design


Casey DeBois, Homepolish designer


Our talented designer Casey takes us on a tour of her own beautiful home.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

One of the side effects of our designers renowned ability to meet the wants and needs of every client is our perpetual obsession with seeing what their own homes look like. The way your space looks is a direct reflection of your personality so when Casey DeBois finished her 75th floor apartment in the downtown Gehry building, we were practically banging down her door to see the space. Having lived in the 2 BR space for about nine months, Casey was careful about choosing the best pieces for the apartment that catered to her, her husband’s and their dog Tuck’s taste.

Casey wanted every room to have its own personality and specific purpose. She emphasized the incredible view by keeping the dining room’s colors neutral and understated. A glass dining table is nestled up against the windows, utilizing the ledge as a bench. The living room is soft, cozy and inviting to their many guests (they’re an entertaining couple) and the bedroom was designed to emulate a floaty, in-the-clouds feeling. But her home office is her favorite room in the apartment: “It’s corny to say it, but I truly love what I do and I get a huge rush when I am working on new designs for clients. So being in my office makes me happy.” Knowing how much she puts into each of her Homepolish projects, this makes total sense to us. Bright, comfortable and decorated with the things she needs and loves (like works from Uprise Art), the room is one of our favorites too.

In this tour: