A Rustic-Inspired Revamp for an LA Home

A Rustic-Inspired Revamp for an LA Home

A Rustic-Inspired Revamp for an LA Home


Hillary Tuck, actress


A gold ceiling, wallpaper and double-duty storage make the most of these two rooms.

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt.

Yes, having a baby changes everything but does the new babe’s room have to interfere with your carefully crafted interior design plan? Nope! It can all be cohesive! Actress Hillary Tuck had an existing rustic-campy-but-sophisticated living room design (courtesy of HGTV star/Homepolish friend Emily Henderson and our own Orlando Soria, actually) and she wanted this idea to translate to a new nursery and office.

After we set her up with lovely Homepolish designer Haley, the two set off on a baby-friendly, designer-approved revamp. Wanting something unique but practical, Haley suggested Jujupapers wallpaper and a metallic gold ceiling. With Hillary’s approval, the project was built from there, working with furniture the couple already had (like Hillary’s husband’s childhood rocking chair) and focusing on making the most of the two small rooms. In the office, attractive storage, room for an air mattress and a desk that faced the room’s incredible view were paramount to the room’s success (and secondary role as guest room). Child-appropriate design that the imminent baby could grow into and a subtly repeating colorway of rusty reds and light grays ensured that neither room felt too detached from the rest of the home’s design. Click through the slideshow for product resources and room details!

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