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All Business in Brooklyn Heights

All Business in Brooklyn Heights


Kelly Davis


This PR pro needed storage and wanted a brighter space.

Photographs by Charles Aydlett.

Working from home actually isn’t that easy. It sounds so nice: waking up when you want, taking your time with morning rituals but in reality it can be hard to stay motivated and organized. When KFD Public Relations founder Kelly Davis was in need of an uncluttered, sophisticated and functional home office she called Homepolish for help. She had one specific request for her assigned designer Nicolette: “white and bright.” Originally a bedroom, Nicolette was thrilled that the space had huge windows and tons of natural light but her biggest challenge was in finding effective and attractive storage. Kelly’s extensive cosmetic and magazine collections needed properly accessible homes so Nicolette built a rolling system that allowed drawers to be pulled out and tucked away. The magazines were displayed attractively and neatly on shelves. Such a simple color palette could get dull, but Nicolette cozied up the place with earthy touches, like the wooden bookcases and side tables, potted plant and vibrant orchid. The subtle vintage touches instilled a calm vibe, ideal for this working woman. Now Kelly can’t wait to get to her office in the mornings, coffee in hand.


We filled the room with things we loved. Dispersed between work items, they really brought the room together.

- Kelly, KFD PR Founder