Brooklyn Blonde’s Brownstone Makeover

Brooklyn Blonde’s Brownstone Makeover

Brooklyn Blonde’s Brownstone Makeover


Helena Glazer, founder of Brooklyn Blonde blog


Helena Glazer, blogger for Brooklyn Blonde, leads a pretty fashionable life. With the help of HomeGoods and Homepolish's Matthew Cane, her home is just as stylish as her outfits.

Photos by Matt Harrington.

Scrolling through the Brooklyn Blonde blog, a fashion and lifestyle platform founded by Helena Glazer in 2010, you get a glimpse into a very stylish life. Perfectly curated yet approachable outfits, picturesque moments captured on the streets of New York, bright and colorful food shots, and OH, THE SHOES! It all seems positively enviable. But when it came to Helena’s brownstone home in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, it wasn’t quite up to snuff. She had just moved with her husband, Keith, in November, and she was ready for some pro help.


Enter HomeGoods, the home furnishings chain. Partnering with Homepolish, specifically our stellar designer Matthew Cane, the brownstone was revamped so that Helena’s impeccable style extended to the interior of her home.

Both Keith and Helena are New York natives, he from Brooklyn and she from the neighboring borough of Queens. Having been born and raised in an urban setting, they wanted their home to be hip but still approachable. As she says, “The city of New York is a major inspiration for the space, a classic meets downtown vibe. I grew up the product of a glamorous Russian mother, who wouldn’t leave the house without a fur coat and hat. But that glamour is met with that old city grunge, think of those old graffitied subways.” She also referenced their “industrial chic” wedding at 501 Union in Brooklyn.


Matthew was able to quickly grasp this aesthetic. (According to Helena, they totally meshed within two days. They were even mistaken for a married couple when they were shopping in New Jersey.) Over the course of three weeks, the two traveled to EIGHT different HomeGoods stores to source all of the items. In the end, it all came together for a swanky home. And without a moment to spare – Helena’s firstborn is due at any moment!

See more in the gallery and check out Glamour’s coverage of the home!


It’s tough to trust someone with creative control over the design of your own home, but with Matthew, it was an amazing experience. We have similar personal styles, like an East Coast refinement but with some urban notes. I knew we meshed the day we showed up, unexpectedly, in matching leather jackets.

- Helena Glazer, founder of Brooklyn Blonde blog
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