Bringing the Beach Vibes to Boston

Bringing the Beach Vibes to Boston

Bringing the Beach Vibes to Boston


Maggie Neikrash, finance consultant


For a 650 square-foot studio in Boston's West End, the optimal layout was key as was breathing coastal life and personality into the space.

Photos by Joyelle West.

If you panned a camera over the Boston metropolitan area right now, it would be a pretty bleak picture. Gray slush remaining from the weekend as a chilling rain comes down upon the city. For Maggie, who had lived in a 650 square-foot studio for just under three years, the time had come to counteract any trifling seasonal affective disorder. A great lover of the outdoors (she had recently hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro), she knew that she wanted to channel a West Coast vibe, but without the gaudy shells or seafoam green hues.


Homepolish’s Barbara Vail first came in to do a major reorganization project. Maggie had previously tried to divide up the studio with large furnishings, but Barbara took the approach of creating functional spaces. Now, there’s space for living, dining, working, and sleeping – and all without feeling crowded! Those coastal vibes were introduced with accessories, but nothing too over the top. Beach prints and paintings, vintage maps, and subtle patterns. It all came together, and if Maggie closes her eyes, perhaps the sounds of the Charles River could be imagined as the waves of the Pacific.


 I was looking to add some character and personality to my high-rise, cookie-cutter apartment, but had no idea where to start. Barbara rearranged the layout to make the apartment feel bigger and more amenable to entertaining. It was beyond what I could have imagined for the space.

- Maggie N., Homepolish client
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